Les Éditions des Robins is the imprint, derived from the name of his home, used by luthier Erik Pierre Hofmann to publish books dedicated to the guitar. In early 2012 this micro-publishing house issued its first production: Stauffer & Co. - The Viennese Guitar of the 19th Century written by E. P. Hofmann, Pascal Mougin and Stefan Hackl. It has been unequivocally hailed as a landmark publication by researchers, musicians, enthusiasts, museums and libraries throughout the world.

This May, the subscription list opens for the second offering from Les Éditions des Robins, Franz Schubert - 39 Songs with Guitar Accompaniment (Facsimile of a manuscript by Franz von Schlechta, ed. by Stefan Hackl). This is a facsimile, with commentaries, of a historic document of the highest importance: a collection of Schubert songs arranged for voice and guitar, transcribed by one of the composer's oldest and most faithful friends. It is not only the sole known source of one of Schubert’s compositions - Die Nacht - but moreover a unique testimony from the romantic age which once again raises the issue of Schubert's relationship with the guitar. Just like its predecessor Stauffer & Co., this new book is a limited edition, published on paper only.